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meals provided 3522
TREES planted 213


Introducing the world’s first NFT collection influenced by the designs of children, that will provide food for millions of people living in poverty across the world.

The TWNFT is an exclusive fully animated collection of 10,000 breath-taking planets that exist on the Ethereum Blockchain.

All profits will go to creating the world's first NFT funded charity with an interactive presence in the metaverse.

What Tomorrow’s World is doing today?

What Tomorrow’s World is doing today

Tomorrow’s World NFT is a ground-breaking initiative that will create a leading presence in the physical world, Metaverse and charity space. 

We are currently talking to many charities and brands to decide the future of how charity is given. We continue to explore new initiatives and causes whilst expanding our large network.

The Official TWNFT Charity Gala will take place on our exclusive plot of land in the Metaverse. This will feature performances from some of the biggest artists in the NFT space!

We will provide over 1,000,000 meals for people in need across the world - see our real-time counter at the top of our website.

For every NFT minted - YOU will feed a family living in poverty


111 x Ultra rare 

Holders of any ultra-rare editions will receive an exclusive airdrop of metaverse usables with exciting benefits. 

VIP access to the Official TWNFT Charity Gala - with a chance to meet the performing artists.

150 x Super rare flat earth NFT variations

Every flat earth edition holder will receive an exclusive airdrop of a metaverse usable that has exciting benefits. 

VIP access to the Official TWNFT Charity Gala.

1200 x Rare wonders of the world 

Every wonders of the world edition owner will receive an airdrop of a metaverse usable. 

VIP access to the Official TWNFT Charity Gala.

2500 x Limited conventional earth variations

VIP access to the Official TWNFT Charity Gala.


+ 6039 common yet spectacular planet variations that grant you regular access to our TWNFT Charity Gala.

See our utilities page to discover what your TWNFT can do!

after selling

after selling out

1 donation of 33.3 ETH will be made to official charities who accept crypto currency donations - Etherscan links will be provided for financial transparency via our website, Twitter and Discord.  

We will plant a tree via One Tree Planted for each minted TWNFT to try and balance our carbon footprint.

A video series will be created that showcases where TWNFT proceeds have been used, sharing our journey towards changing the lives of millions of people across the world.

Tomorrow’s World will provide you with a constant reminder of the impact your investment is having on others.

after selling

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*Tomorrow’s World NFT may not be affiliated with all of the above, however, they are all causes that we will support through TWNFT