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Phase: 1

The Tomorrow’s World mission was born and we began an inter-dimensional journey to bridge the gap between philanthropy and the NFT world.

Phase: 2

The creation of the TWNFTs began, working towards creating 10,000 unique and exclusive fully animated planets.

Phase: 3

Our dedicated 3D animation team are hard at work putting in the finishing touches.

Phase: 4

Whitelist pre-sale of 2000 TWNFTs. An early opportunity to invest before the main release and floor price rises!

Phase: 5

With the proceeds from the pre-release, Tomorrow’s World will begin to provide meals for millions of people living in poverty across the world.

Phase: 6

Main release of the TWNFT via our website. To balance our carbon footprint, we will plant a tree for every NFT minted.

Phase: 7

With the proceeds we begin the mission to challenge how charity is given across the world and pledge to feed a family for every TWNFT that is minted.

Phase: 8

Further integration into the Metaverse begins including the construction of the Official TWNFT Mega Space Yacht - where we will host the TWNFT Charity Gala, TWNFT Art Gallery and a lot more! - all of our Metaverse activities will take potentially take place on our exclusive plot of BAYC Otherside land!

Phase: 9

We will be on our way to being the first charity presence in the real world - with its foundation in the blockchain.