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For every minted Tomorrow’s World NFT, meals will be provided for a family for one whole day.

  • Owners of the Official TWNFT Useables will be able to access a VIP area within our Metaverse space. 

  • All owners will be able to participate in regular meet ups, giveaways, competitions and exclusive access to our future NFT releases.

  • All owners will have free access to our TWNFT Art Gallery.  

  • All owners will gain free access to our Official TWNFT Charity Gala.

  • All owners gain exclusive access to the Official TWNFT Mega Space Yacht. 

  • All owners of our precious metal range will receive a useable via airdrop that can be utilised in the Metaverse.

Diamond owners will have the chance to join us in a real world mission, TWNFT clothing item and a Metaverse usable.

Gold owners will have the chance to redeem a TWNFT clothing item and a Metaverse useable.

Chrome owners will have the chance to redeem a Tomorrow’s world Metaverse useable. 

All events will take place on bayc otherside land #73959

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